Decide on The Best Time to Experience Cyprus

Visiting Cyprus is a treat for the eyes and the soul. This dynamic experience is never going to let you down as this beautiful island does not have any favored time to hypnotize your senses. Every month and every weather comes with its charm to woo you. Cyprus has so much variety in its landscapes, which, when added to different climates, give every visitor his/her own different experience in the country. There is no perfect weather to visit this beautiful country, but it depends on the kind of experience you wish to have. Let’s take a look at the different versions of Cyprus you’ll experience during different types of seasons.


The temperature is usually in the range of 12 °C to 30 °C throughout the day, during the spring season. In the early spring, there is always a possibility of one or two breezy showers. There is not much rush of the tourists in April, so the beaches are quiet and peaceful. The mild temperatures in April are perfect for adventure sports like snorkeling and kayaking. The limestone rock is a dream climb for any climbing lover. If you’re new to this sport, there are different training institutions which can help you in learning rock climbing. Nothing can beat the sights of natural landscapes of Cyprus in spring. Purple orchids are visible only in April. Watching the rugged landscapes turning into the green is a sight to behold for the visitors. Spring is the best season to take a look at the preserved National Parks of the country.


As the summer season arrives in May, it marks the start of the tourist season. The temperature rises to 40 °C in Summers. All the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs get packed with hundreds of party lovers, both tourists, and locals. Several wine and beer festivals are organized throughout the country in the summer season. The time from June to August is considered as the best time for deep-sea diving as various rare underwater species are attracted towards Cyprus during this time. If you don’t like a hot day, you can also escape to the Troodos mountains to get some respite from the heat.


As the peak tourist season comes to an end, the vibe in Cyprus during September and October becomes very tranquil and meditative. The weather becomes delightful, and if you’re a person who enjoys tranquility, this is your time. You can also witness the artistic and Patriotic side of this beautiful country, as it celebrates its Independence Day on 1st October. Parades and festivities become the taste of the hour on this day.


The temperature in November, December and January do not often go under 10 °C; the perfect time to visit Cyprus for extreme watersports lovers. Unlike other European countries, Cyprus offers the best respite from freezing temperatures. Activities galore is what you can truly expect during the winters here and is definitely a place to consider for during the winter months. Hiking and trekking also become more prevalent in winters here, which is perfect for the outdoor adventurer to avoid that much-despiced winter lag. Festive vibes are prevalent during December as the preparations of Christmas start well in advance.

Cyprus in winter
Cyprus in winter