Scuba Diving Enthusiasts Will Love Cyprus

There are a lot of great places to go scuba diving in Cyprus. So if you want to get an excellent diving spot in Cyprus, then don’t look any further. Off the country’s shores, you’ll find several shipwrecks from ancient to modern times. You’ll also get to see ancient settlements as well as their various artifacts. The country is a great diving spot since the temperature of the water is only around 26 degrees Celsius. Here is all the information you’re looking for about scuba diving in Cyprus.

How to Get to Cyprus

Cyprus is a country that’s an island in the Mediterranean. It is the most populated in the region as well as one of the largest. If you want to get to Cyprus, you’ll have to board a plane to one of the country’s international airports, which are Larnaca or Paphos. Unless you want to go to the Turkish part of Cyprus, then you have to take a plane to Ercan. In Europe, there are many regional airports that you can take direct flights to Cyprus. If you want to take a trip to Ercan, you have to take a flight from Turkey since you can’t get a direct flight from anywhere else.

Is It Possible to Scuba Dive During Winter in Cyprus?

Don’t worry if you want to scuba dive in Cyprus during the winter. You can scuba dive anywhere safely in Cyprus during the winter. The average temperature that it gets to in Cyprus when its wintertime is around 18 degrees Celsius. This sort of temperature is warm, but you shouldn’t put off wearing the right kind of protection against the cold. When you’re deciding when to go diving in the winter, aim for days with a lot of sunshine and bright blue skies.

The Many Wrecks You Can Explore

There are numerous wrecks that you can explore when you go scuba diving in Cyprus. There is the Wreck of the Zenobia, which was a Swedish ferry that sank decades ago. There is the Copper Wreck, which is accessible for beginners as it is close to the surface. There is the Diana Wreck, which is an excellent place for those who want to take photographs since the water surrounding it is clear. There is also the HMS Cricket, which was a gunboat that sank during World War 2, although you must be cautious as it’s upside down.

How You Can Stay Safe When Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus is known to be a relatively safe place to go scuba diving. But you should always be prepared and keep yourself safe. You have to keep your safety gear in check. Don’t hold your breath when you go scuba diving since it’s dangerous. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Always keep SAFE in mind, which means “safely ascend from every (dive).” Make sure to save at least 50 bars of your air supply when you finish diving. Most importantly, make sure you’re fit enough to be participating in diving.

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