The Adventure Offering of Cyprus – Exploring The Wildside

It may be easy to go to where everyone goes, but you should be going to places people rarely go. You may experience something beautiful that many people haven’t experienced before. Here is why you should check out wild Cyprus.

The Beautiful Trails

One of the top areas to go hiking is the Troödos Mountains. In South Cyprus, the trails are easy to follow and smooth, so the locals recommend it for people who don’t have much experience or those who want to relax. On the other hand, the trails in North Cyprus are rough and challenging, which the locals recommend for those seeking a thrill and challenge. If you walk down the coast, you’ll spot the Beşparmak mountain range that is covered in shepherd tracks from days past. Experience extensive views that look out towards the sea by hiking through the Beşparmak mountain range.

The Biking Adventures

When you’re in Cyprus, it only takes half a day to get from the seashore to the mountains by bike. Mountain bikers will see that there are magnificent views that you will encounter when you go through the vast web of trails. You won’t find much traffic on the main path while exploring the rural tracks. Going through this is considered a peek into a slice of life in rural Cyprus.

The Magnificent Underwater

There are some reefs which are a little bit off the coast of Cyprus which make it an excellent place for diving beginners to dive in. There are many shipwrecks off the shore, which makes it one of the best places to go wreck diving in the Mediterranean. If you want to go to the center of the diving community of North Cyprus, you should head Alsancak, which is a holiday resort town, and Kyrenia.

The Deep Historical Waters

If you want to learn about some underwater history, you’ll find broken amphorae scatted all around the Antique Shop site. In the nearby waters of the Karpas Peninsula is the Ancient Wreck site, which is what the people highly recommend to beginner diving archaeologists. It is a rare opportunity to explore a recovered merchant ship from Ancient Greece’s leftover excavation site, which is the oldest shipwreck that archaeologists retrieved from the sea floor.

The Fish of the Water

The beaches of Cyprus garner a lot of attention, but you will be leaving the beach for the fantastic activities you can do on and in the water. You can go on fishing trips from the resorts on the coast if you’re someone who wants to catch some fish. Ladyboss Fishing or Aphrodite Boat Charters’ captains know the best places to cast your lines so if you’re someone looking to find some big ones, you should arrange a fishing trip with them.

The Views from the Sky

If you’re a lover of adrenaline or want to get a fantastic view from the clouds above Cyprus, then there are a few paragliding opportunities that you should look into. Looking at the island from up above will give you a thrilling new perspective of the beauty you see from the ground.