Top Traditional Foods You Should Experience in Cyprus

If you have a meal while you’re visiting Cyprus, prepare to get into serious business. You will never see the people of Cyprus eating a little bit of food. They’ll have more than enough plates all loaded with food to eat. The country has a rich history that spans over three continents. There have been numerous influences that helped the country become what it is today. The kind of food you’ll find in the country is mostly thanks to the country’s proximity to the Middle East since there are a lot of dishes that are similar between the two places. Turkey shares some flavours with Cyprus and vice versa. However, the cuisine of Cyprus is closer to the cuisine of the Greek. If you’re looking for the food you’ll only see in Cyprus, this article will tell you about some of them.


If you visit Cyprus, you’ll most certainly hear about halloumi. It is a product that is popular, and it has reached a fair amount of countries from the Middle East to Europe. The cheese has a mild saltiness to it, and it’s its texture is similar to rubber. It is a delicacy that is famous around the world among many chefs. It is included in a diverse variety of dishes. The way the cheese is made is simple. It’s created when you mix sheep and goat milk. Then the setting of the mixture with rennet. There are no bacteria that produce acid in this process, which is unusual when making cheese. The cheese has a melting point that’s higher than most cheeses. That means you can grill or fry it quickly. Or if you want a great treat for the summer, you can serve it cold alongside some watermelon slices.


Dolma has a variety for Cyprus that contains a variety of herbs, onions, rice, and minced meat that is called koupepia. Then you get leaves fresh from the vine, and you wrap it around the filling. This snack is something that many people from villages love to eat. You’ll find that this dish is commonly found in the Middle East, Turkey, and Greece. These snacks will usually be cooked up in batches that can be frozen so that they can be eaten later. Every grandmother in Cyprus will have this on their menus


In every kitchen in Cyprus, you’ll always see people cooking louvi. The main component of the dish is black-eyed beans. The meal is served with Swiss chard, lemon, salt, oil or boiled courgettes. The beans don’t have much in terms of fat, but they give a lot when it comes to proteins and carbohydrates. While the beans are growing, they’ll be able to tolerate droughts. That means that they’ll be able to survive when the heat reaches the extreme during the summer. Alongside the louvi, side dishes include tomato, cucumber, and tuna.


Trachanas is a thick soup that is safe for vegetarians to eat. Especially since most of the cuisine of Cyprus has a plethora of meat in their dishes. The soup is made from soured goat milk and dried cracked wheat. The soup is perfect during the winter. You can add halloumi to the soup when you cook it, which makes it so that the cheese is softer and chewier.