Visiting The Capital of Cyprus Can Be An Unforgettable Experience

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is by far a stunning place to visit and one that stands firm on a travel fanatic’s bucket list to visit. Located at the center of this beautiful island, Nicosia is the hub of the country’s tourism and business. The city has a lot of historical monuments, which provide an invaluable insight into the history of this little island. From exquisite galleries to centuries-old monuments, there’s a lot to explore in Nicosia. The cafés are the perfect place to sit and soak in the local vibes and atmosphere of the city. You should try some local traditional cakes and pastries along with some locally produced drinks to immerse yourself into the local flavors. To Apomero is a trendy café among the locals and the tourists.

Explore the Green Line

You can’t miss the green line on your visit to Nicosia. It is a dividing line in the middle of the city, which divides the country into two parts, which makes the capital city one of its kind. There are several checkpoints to enter the other part, all along the green line. You can get a deep insight into the political and social environment of the country through the green line. Also, if you are a history buff, you won’t be disappointed by the green line.

A Farmer’s Market Visit

OHI Market, where the local farmers come to sell their farm products, is another place which shouldn’t be missed when you’re in Nicosia. The market is opened from 6 am – 4 pm every Saturday and Wednesday. You can savor the flavors of locally produced fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts. Even if cooking in Nicosia is not on your list, you can still enjoy the experience of being in the local market of the city. Observing the sellers enticing the customers to buy their products and listening to their interaction is perfect for those who wish to explore the ‘real’ side of the city. The best time to visit this market is early in the morning so that you can get the best of the products.

Museums and Art Galleries

Visiting Museums and art galleries a great way to learn about the history and culture of any city. Leventis Museum is a famous museum for the history enthusiasts as it provides a lot of information about the country’s traditions, that too in multiple languages. You don’t have to pay any fees to visit this museum. Another notable museum that’s worth visiting is the Cyprus Museum, the most iconic museum in the country. This museum can help you understand the role of Cyprus in the history of Europe.

Leventis Museum
Leventis Museum

The Best Place for Souvenirs

Laiki Geitonia is the best place to go for the souvenirs. It is a small neighborhood with dozens of small shops. These little shops have all the things that are considered memory worthy in Cyprus. From sculptures to lace embroidery to Olive oil, you’ll find the best version of all these things in Laiki Geitonia. The shopkeepers here are super friendly and will help you in choosing the best souvenir for you.